Chance The Rapper performs during 2014 Lollapalooza

Chance The Rapper performs during 2014 Lollapalooza at Grant Park on August 3, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois.

Erika Goldring/FilmMagic

R. Kelly, "Arthur" and mud fights: congratulations Chance, you owned your hometown festival.

No artist defined Lollapalooza 2014 quite like Chancelor Bennett, better known as Chicago MC Chance The Rapper, who performed in Grant Park on Sunday night (Aug. 3) to help close out the fest. Here are 10 reasons why Chance won the weekend:

1. Chance's performance was scheduled to perform at 8:30 PM on Sunday night on Perry's stage, which had hosted acts like Iggy Azalea and Martin Garrix earlier in the weekend. He was slotted at the same time as headliners Kings of Leon and Skrillex… and projected to get around 60,000 onlookers. Worth mentioning: last year Chance The Rapper performed on the festival's smallest stage, the BMI Stage.

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2. This tweet, sent out a few hours before the hometown show:

3. The baseball field that made up much of the Perry's field had been turned into a mud pit due to a full afternoon of rain… and still, Chance commanded one of the biggest audiences of the entire festival. There were even a few mud fights going on in the back during "Everything's Good."

4. Chance The Rapper t-shirts were ubiquitous in the crowd of Lolla-goers all weekend. The "Acid Rap" tees were everywhere, and the purple "I Got The Juice" shirts were easy to spot.

5. Chance brought out his buddy Vic Mensa for "Cocoa Butter Kisses"; one day earlier, Mensa welcomed Chance onstage during his own Lollapalooza performance, and their unhinged version of "Tweakin'" was a highlight of the set.

6. And then there was R. Kelly, who arrived midway through the performance to help out his fellow Chicagoan. Bits of "The World's Greatest" and "Bump n' Grind" led into "Ignition (Remix)," a moment that Chance has likely been dreaming about for years and during which the 21-year-old went bonkers onstage. 

7. The "Arthur" theme song: sure, Chance has been doing it at all of his festival gigs, but Lollapalooza was prepared for it. The crowd of thousands helped the 21-year-old warble through a soaring, soulful version of "Wonderful Everyday" as veins bulged in Chance's neck.

8. Chance taught everyone how to do the juke slide. A fake video game called "Juke Juke Revolution" was brought onscreen, and the rapper led the crowd in a wacky, uptempo version of "The Cha-Cha Slide." Pretty sure Kings of Leon didn't do that during their set.

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9. It was a real homecoming show: Chance pointed out that he went to school near Grant Park, mentioned that his parents were in the house multiple times and declared to everyone watching on the live stream that this was his city. "Y'all are my family, but to my actual family who's here… Thank you. This shit means a lot to me." No other artist was as emotional about their Lollapalooza performance as Chance was on Sunday night.

10. Chance ended his "Chain Smoker" and barely rapped it. Chance would rattle off a few bars, hear the crowd spitting the lines back to him, check out to twirl onstage and unabashedly grin all the while. "Chain Smoker" is not an official single or radio hit -- it's a fan favorite off a mixtape. That didn't matter. Everyone watching knew the words