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Video: Say Anything Talks 'Anarchy' at SXSW

Video: Say Anything Talks 'Anarchy' at SXSW caught up with Say Anything vocalist Max Bemis at SXSW to talk about the band's new album, "Anarchy, My Dear." The band's fifth studio effort was released last week (March 13) and Bemis says that he hopes people "take the time and legally download our new record."

He discussed how both the LP and first single "Burn a Miracle" were very well-received by fans, despite being a bit different from the band's usual style. "For this record it was a combination of really modern kind of trendy indie rock and than older stuff like the Stones and the Stooges," Bemis said.

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"I went through a phase where I couldn't take modern music for like three or four years -- it really pissed me off," the 27-year-old vocalist explained. "So I just listened to like all the music I grew up listening to and I wouldn't touch anything new. And then recently I've actually been impressed by music young people are making."

Say Anything will be hitting the road on March 23 in support of its new album. The U.S. tour wraps at the beginning of May.