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Jennifer Hudson To Perform Whitney Houston Tribute at Grammys

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Feb 23 2000: Whitney Houston appears at the 42nd Annual GRAMMY Awards.

A "respectful" tribute to Whitney Houston, who died today at the age of 48, will take place at tonight's Grammy Awards, show producer Ken Erhlich told CNN. Recording Academy President Neil Portnow confirmed on Saturday night (Feb. 11) that Jennifer Hudson will take part in the tribute.

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"Whitney was a multi-Grammy winner, she appeared on the show a number of times. We're very saddened, and we don't want to rush into anything that wouldn't be respectful," Ehrlich said.

"I've asked Jennifer Hudson to come, and we're really at this moment talking about what she's going to do," he continued. "It's going to be something respectful. It's not going to be a full-blown tribute, that's too early and it's too fresh at this moment. It's going to be something respectful to Whitney's memory. Knowing Whitney like I did, she was a great artist and a great performer, and she knew the importance of thrilling an audience, and that's what we plan to do."

Reports unconfirmed at press time said that Chaka Khan, with whom Houston performed early in her career, was being approached to take part in the tribute as well.