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With tons of musicians scheduled to appear onstage at the 56th GRAMMY Awards on Sunday (Jan. 26), we're expecting great performances and once-in-a-lifetime collaborations. But this year's event has a lot to live up to, especially considering the unforgettable performances we've seen this millennium so far. Before this year's crop of nominees take the stage, join us in counting down the 10 best GRAMMY performances from 2000-2013.

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10. Adele Returns, 2012

After a throat surgery that threatened her career and sidelined her for the better half of what should have been a victorious, tour-heavy 2011, Adele’s made her triumphant return on music’s biggest stage. To make sure the audience knew she was A-OK, she sang the fist few bars of her smash single “Rolling in the Deep” a cappella. Fans everywhere let out a collective sigh of relief.

9. Gorillaz, Madonna & De La Soul, 2006

The 48th GRAMMYs started off as no other GRAMMYs had before -- with an opening band that wasn't even three-dimensional. Animated act Gorillaz took to the stage to perform the Record of the Year-nominated "Feel Good Inc.," joined briefly by the real De La Soul and a hologram of Madonna. But when the real Madge appeared onstage moments later to perform her 2005 hit "Hung Up," with its sexy dancing and ABBA samples, the GRAMMY crowd truly let loose.

8. Radiohead & the USC Marching Band, 2009

Radiohead may have shunned the music industry in 2007 when it delivered "In Rainbows" straight to fans using a pay-what-you-want online download, but the band proved it could still play to the Academy (literally) at the 2009 GRAMMY Awards. Joined by the USC Marching Band, Thom Yorke and co. performed a rendition of "15 Step" that was so rousing, even the frontman shared some of his twitchy dance moves. Eat your heart out, Fleetwood Mac.

7. Kanye West & Daft Punk, 2008

When Kanye West released "Stronger" as a single in 2007, it seemed written in the stars that the rapper and Daft Punk, who is sampled on the tune, would join forces and perform together. At 2008's 50th GRAMMYs, that's exactly what happened. Note to the Black Eyed Peas: THIS is how you do a light show!

6. Lady Gaga & Elton John, 2010

Lady Gaga's performance at the 52nd GRAMMY Awards was classic not only for its over-the-top theatrics, but for Elton John's appearance on "Speechless" and the duo's duet on Elton's classic "Your Song." The best part? The conjoined mega-piano Gaga and Elton played on, not to mention the pair's matching rhinestone glasses.

Grammy Awards 2010 - Lady Gaga and Elton John Performance from simpledog on Vimeo.

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