Rihanna Goes 'Hard,' Reveals New Tattoo On Ellen DeGeneres Show

Rihanna performs "Hard" on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

"Never a failure, always a lesson."

Those words make up Rihanna's latest tattoo -- one of "approximately 13" -- which the singer showed off on "The Ellen DeGeneres" show Monday while dropping by to perform her current top 10 single, "Hard."

"It's basically saying it's okay to make mistakes, just don't do it twice," Rihanna explained of the new, upside-down inscription on her chest.

Aside from that reveal, the interview mostly consisted of Rihanna joking around with Ellen and touting her life as a single woman. In a refreshing change of pace, there was no mention of Chris Brown whatsoever. (It was hard not to think of her ex, though, given that this weekend's Grammys marked nearly a year since the couple's relationship imploded).

Ellen did bring up another man, though: baseball player Matt Kemp, who's been spotted on dates with Rihanna recently -- but the talk show host's prying was only met with some bashful, innocent laughter. What a difference a year makes.

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