Videos of the Week: Ke$ha Goes To Hollywood, Snooki Meets Phoenix, Nirvana Plays Twister

Videos of the Week: Ke$ha Goes To Hollywood, Snooki Meets Phoenix, Nirvana Plays Twister

In this week's top videos that had people buzzing, Ke$ha vandalized -- or at least pretended to -- the sacred Hollywood sign, "Jersey Shore" star Snooki gave us priceless moments at the Grammys, Nirvana played Twister, New Kids on the Block unfortunately did not lip sync on "Jimmy Fallon," and more.

1) Ke$ha Trashes The Hollywood Sign

Ke$ha proves she "ain't got a care in the world" by spray-painting her name, dollar sign and all, onto the Hollywood sign. Or at least, by pretending to do that as a way of getting everyone's attention. ""HwOOD $IgN I$ oFFiciaLLY My bIZnatCH!!!!! Good work2allmyHoTCULpritss!! LOOK AT THE SIGN LA!," she later Tweeted.

*Bonus Act Of Vandalism: In this unearthed clip on YouTube, the members of Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins strip down to their underwear, throw Crisco at each other and play Twister. Billy Corgan has hair. (Watch)

2) Snooki Meets Phoenix At The Grammys

"Jersey Shore" guidette Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi manned the show's red carpet as an MTV reporter and gave this inspired interview with French indie rockers Phoenix. The band shares their native country's word for "guido" and, in the process, basically call her a slut.

*Bonus Fist Pump-Worthy Clip: The loveable, incredibly short Snooks also talks blowouts with Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga with Judas Priest. (Watch 1, 2)

3) Green Day Debuts '21 Guns' Video With Broadway Cast

Our first taste of Green Day's new "American Idiot" musical came via the band's Grammy performance with the Broadway cast, but the trio debuted the official music video the next day on Spinner.

*Bonus Video Premiere: Austin rockers Spoon unveiled the black-and-white clip for "Written in Reverse," from their just-released album "Transference." (Watch)

4) Don Draper Kidnaps Michael Bublé On 'SNL'

In the mood for "healthy servings of pig meat accompanied by sparkling wines"? Jon Hamm thinks you are. In an "SNL" skit, the host and "Mad Men" star forced guest musician Michael Bublé to partner with him on a new restaurant called "Hamm & Buble." We'll pass on the champagne glasses filled with pork chunks, thanks.

*Bonus TV Odd Couple: New Kids On The Block sing their greatest hits -- from the exuberant "You Got the Right Stuff" to the plaintive "Please Don't Go, Girl" -- on "Lady Night with Jimmy Fallon," with the Roots as their back-up band. Unsurprisingly, they sound about as off-key as Taylor Swift did at the Grammys. (Watch)

5) Diddy Pays Tribute To Mama Combs

An emotional Diddy accepts his award at BET Honors by telling the story of how his single mom juggled jobs to make him the man he is today.

*Bonus Heartfelt Dedication: Wu-Tang rapper Raekwon found a special way to thank Sade for giving him props on the radio this week, lip-synching to a cover of Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed." (Watch)

6) Rihanna Kicks Off Super Bowl Festivities

Donning a revealing catsuit, a new-tattoo sporting Rihanna performed a medley of "Russian Roulette," "Hard" and "Rude Boy" at the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam.

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*Bonus "Rated R" Moment: Drake, Lil Wayne and Eminem's Grammy performance may have been mercilessly bleeped by FCC censors, but the Internet has since blessed us with the uncensored clip. (Watch)

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