Justin Bieber Brings 3-Year-Old Girl To Tears

Justin Bieber Brings 3-Year-Old Girl To Tears

This video of a three-year-old girl crying her eyes out over Justin Bieber is wrong for so many reasons -- not least of which is the fact that it was recorded for YouTube consumption in the first place.

While the little girl (whose name appears to be Cody) explains that she's bawling because "I love Justin Bieber" and "I want him to be one of my family," her mother prods her with cringe-worthy questions and her older sister riles her up even more by singing Bieber's "One Less Lonely Girl." The most disturbing part of all, though, is when the house phone rings and Cody, thinking Bieber is on the other line, instantly stops crying and dissolves into giggles, then skips off like the trauma didn't even happen.

"I swear if he sees this and he comes, she'll be my favorite sister forever," the older sister says at one point. The mother replies, "This is wrong, I'm just saying."

We're just saying: There's a thin line between using your kid's tears to get a teen pop star's attention and turning them into Balloon Boy.

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