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Kristen Stewart And Dakota Fanning Meet In 'The Runaways' Movie Clip

Kristen Stewart

"The Runaways" movie trailer didn't reveal much when it premiered back in December, but this new clip from the film -- about '70s rocker Joan Jett and her short-lived band of the same name -- gives a little more insight into what it will be like. Here, we see moment when Jett meets Cherie Currie -- the Runaways' frontwoman, played by an all-grown-up Dakota Fanning -- for the first time.

"Read my lips: We love your look," says producer Kim Fowley (Michael Shannon) after introducing the pair, who are separated by one awfully prominent bottle of Mountain Dew. "We are choosing you to be a part of rock 'n' roll history." The clip cuts off before Currie auditions, but we all know what happens next.

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