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Videos of the Week: Shakira Seduces Rafael Nadal, Ke$ha Covers Radiohead, Sade Whips a Horse

Shakira Gypsy

In this week's top 10 videos that had everyone buzzing: Shakira gets steamy with tennis star Rafael Nadal, a 13-year-old Ke$ha covers Radiohead, Sade gets feisty with a horse, Carrie Underwood smooches a pig, and more.

1) Shakira Seduces Shirtless Rafael Nadal

Shakira might "steal your clothes and wear them," but all is forgiven with her new music video for "Gypsy," in which the Colombian firebird looks hotter than ever. Shakira braves the desert with (shirtless) tennis heartthrob Rafael Nadal and plays the harmonica, but we're pretty sure that's not what catches his eye.

Bonus Athlete Eye Candy: In Monica's new video for "Everything To Me" -- dedicated to the late designer Alexander McQueen -- the R&B songstress plays wifey to NFL star Chad Ochocino. (Watch)

2) 13-Year-Old Ke$ha Covers Radiohead

Before she was muzzling "douche masters" who cramp her style, a 13-year-old, decidedly ordinary looking Ke$ha was singing "Karma Police" for her classmates. Consider our minds blown.

Bonus Brooding Cover: "American Idol" contestant Siobhan Magnus -- a Cape Cod-born glass-blower by trade -- covers Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" for her top 24 debut. Creepy, and yet somewhow it works. (Watch)

3) Sade Whips A Horse, Grants Wanda Sykes One Wish

Sade's been performing "Solder of Love" virtually everywhere to plug her chart-topping album of the same name, but we've hardly had the pleasure of hearing her actually talk. That is, not until this sketch on the "Wanda Sykes Show," in which Sade whips some unfortunate dude dressed up as a horse and brings Sykes to her knees. Well worth the wait.

Bonus Horse Play: It's not clear if "My Little Pony Live" is an actual musical that actual people bought actual tickets to see. But hey, we'd shell out a few bucks to see a dressed up diva unicorn sing "I'm Tellin' You," as interpreted by Jennifer Hudson in "Dreamgirls." Why not? (Watch)

4) Carrie Underwood Kisses Pig On 'How I Met Your Mother"

Loveable country star Carrie Underwood gets in some serious face time-with a pig in this teaser clip of her upcoming guest appearance on CBS' "How I Met Your Mother." Good thing she was raised on a farm, right?

Bonus TV Teaser: "I'm gonna travel the world and see what makes women in different cultures feel beautiful." That's how Jessica Simpson sums up her latest venture, a reality show entitled "The Price of Beauty" premiering March 15 on VH1. Simpson's globetrotting leads her to a Ugandan marriage hut, where she learns that fat is beautiful." (Watch)

5) New 'The Runaways' Movie Trailer Debuts

The newest high-octane trailer for "The Runaways" biopic shows Kristen Stewart (of "Twilight" fame, here playing Joan Jett) and Dakota Fanning (as Cherie Curry) riding the road to rock 'n' roll history.

Bonus Rocking Trailer: In this trailer for David Byrne's concert documentary "Rip, Rise, Roar," dancers practice their moves to the Talking Heads' classics that they'll perform onstage with the man himself. The full film premieres at SXSW in March. (Watch)

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