Bieber or Die: Biebz 'Buys' for April Fool's Day Prank
Justin Bieber Funny Or Die

Justin Bieber proved he could take a joke when Raaaaaaaandy, the alter-ego of comedian Aziz Ansari, accused the teen star of shooting him and stealing his song in an amusing Funny or Die clip. But today, it's the Biebz who's delivering the punch line.

In an elaborate -- and pretty hilarious -- April Fool's Day prank, the site has been "bought" by Bieber and aptly renamed "Bieber or Die."

A message on the Web site reads, "Justin Bieber has decided to buy Funny or Die and do with it whatever his tiny little heart desires." Appropriately, the front page of the site has been given a complete Bieber makeover and is plastered with several Bieber-made videos.

"Anything that's not Bieber dies!" he says in one clip entitled "Bieber Take Over," in which a bad-ass Biebz explains why he took over the site. "I'm a star. I do what stars do. I ride on yachts. I autograph lady lumps. And I pay people to slap them ... I once ran into a club. They said, 'Sir, you're not old enough.' So I bought the club and I made it a Chuck E. Cheese. Now who's old enough, bitch?"

Other videos featured on the site include "Bieber After the Dentist," "OMG Bieber vs. Chuck Norris vs. Bear," "Bieber Buckets," "Bieber Takes a Tumble," and our personal fave, "Dramatic Bieber."

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