Justin Bieber Serenades Tina Fey On 'SNL'

The Justin Bieber media train finally arrived at NBC's "Saturday Night Live' this weekend, and between performing two tracks from his hit album My World 2.0," the teen pop star found time for a little acting - and flirting - with the night's hilarious hostess, Tina Fey.

After making a quick appearance during Fey's monologue, Bieber showed off his comedic chops in a sketch about a schoolteacher (Fey) who has way inappropriate fantasies about her young student, Jason (Bieber). "His smile is like watching a baby bunny sniff a tiny flower," Fey gushed, drifting into a daydream in which Bieber sings, "I'll buy you a panini, and some Spanx to make you teeny." Just what every woman wants.

Bieber's second sketch appearance was brief but also memorable, as he played an awkard kid who admires his dad a little too much and wears his tweed sports coat to a school dance.

Of course, Bieber also found time to do what he does best - sing and dance. Watch his performance of "U Smile" below.

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