Shaquille O'Neal Dons Wig, Lip-Synchs to Rick James & Aaliyah


Behold, Shaquille O'Neal lip-synching to a Rick James song while wearing a wig, then delivering a shirtless tribute to the late, great R&B songstress, Aaliyah.

Video: Shaq sings Rick James' "Fire and Desire"

In a recent video that was reportedly captured from Ustream, the basketball star sports a long, curly-haired wig and sings melodramatically along to James' hit, "Fire and Desire." The wig (and Shaq's undershirt) come off shortly after, as he sings Aaliyah's "At Your Best" and pours bottled water over his head to produce faux-tears.

Video: Shaq sings Aaliyah's "At Your Best"

Now, you might be thinking: "Shouldn't Shaq be focused on basketball instead of wearing funny wigs and singing Rick James songs? Well, he's been out with a thumb injury since late February, so it's safe to say that he's had plenty of free time to come up with something this awful/great. It's also well known among fans that whenever he isn't busy proving his worth on the court, Shaq can be found engaging in any number of random activities: battling other athletes on his own reality show, "Shaq Vs."; trashing his rivals onstage, a la the infamous, "Kobe, how my a** taste?" freestyle; holding down the law as an honorary U.S. Marshall, and so on.

This trend goes back years; nay, decades. Need we remind you of "Shaq Diesel," his 1993 rap album that almost accidentally went platinum? (It sold 864,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.) Let's just hope Shaq puts in this much effort when he rejoins the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday -- LeBron James is counting on it.

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