'Wasted Guy' Trips Over Flip-Flops at Coachella

Wasted guy at Coachella tries to put on his flip-flop.

There's a fine lesson to be learned from this video of a guy trying to put his flip-flops on at Coachella: if you're planning to get wasted beyond belief at a music festival, you should probably wear sneakers.

Video: Wasted Guy at Coachella

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The video, shot by merciless onlookers with a great sense of humor, captures an unidentified Coachella attendee who is so drunk/stoned/you decide, he can't put on his right flip-flop for the life of him. (Sidenote: that's the Specials in the background, playing "Man at C&A.") When he leans down to pick it up, the weight of his backpack and his overall wastedness prevent him from doing so. Finally someone kicks it over, and "wasted guy" sits down, slides on the flip-flop and gathers his composure. Problem solved, right? Sort of, until he tries to get back up, then trips and loses both flip-flops while knocking into a group of cute girls. So much for finding love, and practical footwear, at Coachella.

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