The Xx Play with Fire in 'Islands'

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In a world where "Glee" has made gratuitous dance numbers perfectly acceptable (sort of), the xx is trying its hand at the trend with its video for "Islands." But the results are less than…well, gleeful.

Video: The xx, "Islands"

The video for the xx's new single finds the English rockers surrounded by a group of black-clad dancers in a room plastered with their trademark "x" logo. And as the dance troupe busts a move, the trio doesn't do much of anything. In fact, it looks completely uninterested in the routine unfolding -- because it's repeated over and over and over again.

Eventually, even the dancers grow tired of their looped routine. The performers drop out one at a time, and by the time the room catches fire, only a single dancer and band member are left.

So much for "Don't Stop Believin'," huh?

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