Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston Caught in 'Eenie Meenie' Love Triangle

justin bieber sean kingston

Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston get caught in a love triangle -- but not for long -- in their "Eeenie Meenie" video, which premiered this morning (Apr. 29) on Vevo.

Video: Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston, "Eenie Meenie"

The pop stars arrive separately to a swanky pool party filled with teens who are popping, locking and holding plastic cups that we can only assume are filled with non-alcoholic drinks. (Someone's parents will have a whole lot of cleaning up to do). Unbeknownst to them, though, they're getting attention from the same girl, a cute brunette who can't seem to make up her mind between the two. She sits on Kingston's lap and caresses his face, then plants a kiss on Bieber and lets him twirl her around.

The back and forth continues until Kingston and Bieber finally catch the bad chick by her toe and send her packing, enforcing a long-held rule: bros before eenie-meenie-minie-moe lovahs.

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