Ke$ha Trips Out in 'Your Love Is My Drug' Video
Kesha Your Love Is My Drug

Ke$ha can't be tamed, and the wild child-turned-pop singer makes it clear in the video for her latest single, "Your Love Is My Drug."

Video: Ke$ha, "Your Love Is My Drug

In the clip, Ke$ha wakes up in the desert after a surely 'shroom-fueled romp with her man and goes psychedelic on us. She rides an elephant and prowls in the sand with a tiger's head, then steers a canoe to nowhere with her boy toy (the couple's boho style is inspired by Kate Hudson and the Black Crowes' Chris Robinson, no doubt). Cartoon crabs, ocotpi and mermaids soon take over the screen, in a clear nod to the Beatles' tripped-out classic, "Yellow Submarine."

And then, the climax: the tribal, glow-in-the-dark body paint that we first saw Ke$ha rock on "SNL" is back, and she's got a giant snake wrapped around her body for added measure.

Are you high on Ke$ha's "Drug" supply, or is it a downer? Let us know in the comments.

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