Justin Bieber Debuts 'Never Say Never' Video With 'Karate Kid' Jaden Smith

Justin Bieber Jayden Smith

Justin Bieber and "Karate Kid" star Jaden Smith show off their dance moves and have a studio bonding session in the video for "Never Say Never," a duet for the movie's soundtrack.

Video: Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith, "Never Say Never"

"I never had the strength to take it higher, until I reached the point of no return," Bieber croons on the motivational track. "Gonna give everything I have/It's my destiny/I will never say never."

The clip shows exclusive "Karate Kid" footage of Smith training with Jackie Chan (as Mr. Miyagi) and unleashing martial arts moves on his foes. The 11-year-old also shows off rapping skills that could rival those of his famous dad, Will Smith. "No pun intended, was raised by the power of Will," Smith raps. "I was born from two stars, so the moon's where I land."

You can see more of Smith when "Karate Kid," a remake of the 1984 original, hits theaters June 11. In the meantime, what do you think of Bieber latest collaboration and Smith's rapping debut?

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