Mark Ronson Recruits Q-Tip for 'Bang Bang Bang'

Mark ronson

Mark Ronson trades in horns for synths and recruits Q-Tip and indie upstart MNDR for his new single and video, "Bang Bang Bang."

Video: Mark Ronson, "Bang Bang Bang"

With a tap of his Piaget watch and turn of his Lacoste heel -- high-class product placement alert! -- Ronson transports himself to a trilingual, (French, English and Japanese) parallel universe in which he and his collaborators travel through time and teenage dancers beam themselves into the foreground. "Bang Bang Bang's" catchy hook owes a debt to the classic, cheeky French nursery rhyme "Alouette" ("Skylark"), and if nothing else, its video video confirms our suspicion that Mark Ronson is a hipster incarnation of Jimmy Neutron.

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