Katy Perry Is Sweet, Sexy in 'California Gurls' Video

Katy Perry Is Sweet, Sexy in 'California Gurls' Video

Two words: sweetness overload. That's the effect of Katy Perry's new "California Gurls" video, in which the precocious pop starlet wears a cupcake bra, sprays whip cream from the same general area, and lounges nearly-naked in a cotton candy cloud. "Melt your popsicle," indeed.

Perry creates a candy wonderland setting (aptly titled "Candyfornia") for her No. 1 hit, and true to form, there's a dash of naughtiness mixed in with all the sweetness. Gummi Bears flip the bird, and candy canes morph into snakes.

Also, Snoop Dogg wears a cupcake-patterned three piece suit, but you would be completely forgiven for not noticing.

Who's ready for some dessert?

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