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African Rapper Bangs Debuts 'Facebook' Single

African Rapper Bangs Debuts 'Facebook' Single

African-rapper Bangs got the internet's attention when he tried to take us to the movies, and now he wants to add us on Facebook.

Video: Bangs releases "Meet Me On Facebook"

"Give me your e-mail address so I can add you as a friend. Then we can start chat. You can show me what you got and I can give you what I have. We can make a love to the Facebook and that's hot," the e-famous MC proposes in his newest single "Meet Me On Facebook."

The video showcases Bangs spitting game to all his new Facebook hottie and rapping about it with his fake bling and generic MIDI beat. Even she can't help but laugh when he shows up for their in-person rendezvous and tries to pin her down to the bed for an obligatory hook up scene.

Bangs wasn't lying when he near-rhymes, "You know I'm getting rich-a. Any way you wanna go, I can come witcha" -- Honda hired the new internet sensation for a commercial that debuted online this week. Looks like that bling won't be fake for long.

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