Enrique Iglesias Water-Skis Naked After World Cup Promise

Enrique Iglesias

A video surfaced today of Enrique Iglesias celebrating Spain's World Cup win in a unique way: waterskiing naked off the coast of Miami.

Video: Enrique Iglesias Water-skis Naked

The singer performed the outrageous stunt sometime in late July to deliver on a bet in which he promised to ski in the buff if Spain won the World Cup this year. Staying true to his word, Iglesias performed the act late at night to avoid public nudity charges, according to TMZ.com.

The footage of Iglesias catching some waves is grainy, but close sources confirmed to TMZ that it was indeed the pop singer.

"There was a bunch of [conditions I required for the bet]," Iglesias told MTV.com. "I had to be a little drunk. It had to be late, late at night and the thing about the bet, what's scary is that Miami's full of sharks, so you don't want to fall, middle of the night, naked in the ocean. It's not fun - especially drunk."

Iglesias is currently at No. 6 on the Hot 100 with his Pitbull-assisted single "I Like It."

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