Kanye West Apologizes To Fans In Singapore

Kanye West Apologizes To Fans In Singapore

Kanye West gave a reflective freestyle about how his current image has changed over a stripped down instrumental of his new single "Power" at Singfest 2010 on Aug. 4 in Singapore.

Video: Kanye West apologizes to fans

In the freestyle, Kanye talks about his controversial personality and asks the audience, "What would they do if they had the power to influence millions of listeners?" During one of the verses, he apologizes for some of his outlandish behavior over the past few years and the fans that defended him when it became hard to.

One of the most heartfelt and revealing lines in his stream of consciousness rhyming is when he says, "I wonder how I would be if I still had my mama," addressing his change in attitude and music after 2007's "Graduation" and his mother's sudden death.

After the freestyle, Kanye emulates James Brown, saying "give the drummer some," and has a drum break before launching into the chorus of "Power."

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