50 Cent Prank Calls Shyne

50 Cent Prank Calls Shyne

The war between rappers 50 Cent and Shyne continues, but for now 50 is triumphant.

Video: 50 Cent prank calls Shyne

The Queens-born 50 Cent pretended to be a journalist when he prank-called Shyne during a conference call recently. He recorded the whole conversation and posted it on his Youtube and his Thisis50.com site.

After getting frustrated with the number of times he had to press *1 to get connected to Shyne, 50 finally gets through and begins the hoax. "My name is Sean, I'm right out on Radio One. I called right after Tim Westwood. I'd like to speak with Shyne... I was just wondering what is your real issue with 50?" - the rapper asks. A confused Shyne responds in indeterminable mumbles before a Def Jam employee hangs up.

50 calls again. Def Jam hangs up again.

The next time he gets through, 50 Cent decides to throw a little Mel Gibson-flavor into the prank, accussing Shyne of using the beef for attention. In a rant heavily decorated with f-words and n-bombs and one or two hopes of prison rapes for Shyne, 50 informs Shyne that there can't be any beef because they haven't had anything to do with each other in 15 years and that it's nearly impossible to start war from an island - poking fun at Shyne's tropical homeland of Belize while speaking in a "Scarface"-like accent.

Can you start war from an island? We'll have to see when Shyne retaliates.

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