Love Is Blind In Yeasayer 'Madder Red' Clip

They say love is blind, and that appears to be true for "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"'s Kristen Bell in the Yeasayer video for "Madder Red."

Video: Watch Yeasayer's "Madder Red"

The video centers around Bell's relationship with her unconventional pet, which is a one-armed, one-eyed wheezing brain of some sort - not exactly man's best friend. However, it is clear that the creature is the center of Bell's universe, cuddling with her in the morning, eating Fruity Pebbles cereal together for breakfast, and waving goodbye as she goes to work.

After what appears to be a small nose bleed, Bell leaves her beloved with a sitter as she departs for a casting call. Things go from bad to worse as the pet-brain begins oozing and wheezing and Bell can't get it to the hospital soon enough. Tragically, the brain doesn't make it, but it makes sure Bell knows it'll be watching her from heaven.

It's adorable, really, yet entirely creepy at the same time.