MGMT Takes A Walk Through The Desert For 'Congratulations'

MGMT Takes A Walk Through The Desert For 'Congratulations'

In true MGMT fashion, the group's video for their latest track "Congratulations," off their April 2010 album of the same title, shows band members Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser walking through a desert with a decomposing creature that's a mix between a camel and a bird.

Video: MGMT's "Congratulations"

The song takes on a new light with the lyrics coinciding with the creature's movements as it follows them through the vast stretches of sand.

While walking, the creature sees a beetle and tries to eat it, but its beak falls off and sinks into the sand during the lyrics, "I'd rather dissolve than have you ignore me." Directly after, it slips down a hill when Wyngarden sings, "The ground may be moving fast but I tied my boots to a broken mast."

MGMT eventually finds the creature in pieces and carry it off to a spot where it can rest in peace. Tiny stars sprout from its sunken remains and shimmer in the sky as the band applauds the creature for its effort.

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