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B.o.B. Parties with Rivers Cuomo in 'Magic' Video

B.o.B. Parties with Rivers Cuomo in 'Magic' Video

B.o.B. has some trippy dreams in his new video for "Magic," featuring Rivers Cuomo.

In the clip's opening shots, Bobby Ray wakes up fully dressed, sneakers and all. Things get weird right away when he stumbles into his bathroom and finds an attractive girl sitting on his counter, eating Fruity Pebbles with a giant wooden spoon. The rapper appropriately shoots her a look that reads, "That is definitely not sanitary," and moves on to a cooked breakfast of scrambled eggs.

After one bite, B.o.B's kitchen disappears in favor of a swimming pool decorated with beautiful girls. Enter Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, who transplants the rapper to a block party-style stage for the performance sequence of the video. Somewhere between rocking out and crowd surfing, B.o.B. ends up back in the hallway of his house where there's a person passed out in every room, including Cuomo cuddling a guitar --but things get to be too much for the rapper when he enters his bedroom to find himself sound asleep in his bed. No matter how hard he tries himself up, sleeping B.o.B. refuses open his eyes.

As the girls from the swimming pool show up to steal his belongings, B.o.B. loses track for a second and for a picture with one of them. The flash triggers sleeping B.o.B. to rise and everything else to disappear, as if it had all been a dream. When his sneaker-clad feet touch the floor though, B.o.B. notices the pictures that took with the model chicks have appeared next to his shoe. Just like magic!