Kelly Rowland Sees Pretty Colors In 'Rose Colored Glasses'
Kelly Rowland Sees Pretty Colors In 'Rose Colored Glasses'

Finally, Kelly Rowland's Rankin-directed video for her single "Rose Colored Glasses" has been released, and not only does she walk away from an unhealthy situation in the clip -- she looks completely stunning while doing so.

Video: Kelly Rowland, "Rose Colored Glasses"

"Everything is beautiful when you're looking through, rose-colored glasses/everything seems amazing when you see the view through rose-colored glasses/take them off," Rowland proclaims throughout the track's chorus, all the while seen in different high-fashion, couture outfits while doves, colorful confetti and other backdrops appear behind her.

In the end, Rowland finally takes those "Rose Colored Glasses" off -- the ones that have prevented her from seeing how truly damaging her relationship is -- punching through a glass wall before pastel-colored butterflies appear in representation of her breakthrough.

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