Eminem Gets Pranked By Radio Host Clinton Sparks
Eminem Gets Pranked By Radio Host Clinton Sparks

Eminem was recently the victim of a prank done by Boston radio personality Clinton Sparks.

Video: Eminem gets pranked by Clinton Sparks

On his radio show "SMASHTIME," broadcasted on Boston's Jam'n 94.5, Sparks puts a number of tube socks in his pants to appear exaggeratedly well-endowed before interviewing the chart topping MC.

The hilarity ensues when Sparks leans out of his chair in a pelvis thrust that has Eminem looking the other way.
The joke goes even further when Eminem calls his manager Paul a d*ck, which prompts Sparks to respond "Speaking of dicks…"

The elephant in the room is finally confronted after Eminem asks what the problem is and Sparks admits, "I was born gifted just like yourself but just with something different than you." The joke ends with Sparks getting up and taking the socks out with the crew and Em laughing it off.

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