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Miley Cyrus Parodied as Talk Show Host on 'SNL'

Miley Cyrus Parodied as Talk Show Host on 'SNL'

Miley Cyrus -- singer, actress, dancer and now talk show host? Cyrus was parodied Saturday (Oct. 2) on "Saturday Night Live" by new cast member Vanessa Bayer, who played an obnoxious, self-promoting version of the singer on a skit titled "The Miley Cyrus Show."

Video: Miley Cyrus "SNL" Parody

The skit's intro is straight out of a Teen Disney sitcom, with Miley singing a cheesy theme song that she thinks is "pretty cool," as she continually repeats.

"SNL" host Bryan Cranston plays overbearing father Billy Ray Cyrus, who keeps emabrassing her with compliments from his achy breaky heart, such as "you're like a pretty-looking George Lopez."

Bayer emphasized some of Miley's more... air-headed characteristics. You know, like talking like she constantly has hair in her mouth. Still, Bayer's imitation was both "pretty cool" and accurate.

As Cyrus continues to develop her film career, the thought of Miley having her own talk show might not be that far of a stretch. At least it's unlikely that Johnny Depp will ever come on as a guest.