Weezer Plays 'Buddy Holly,' 'Undone' on 'Carson Daly'

Weezer Plays 'Buddy Holly,' 'Undone' on 'Carson Daly'

Weezer appeared on "Last Call With Carson Daly" last night (Oct. 6) to revist the oldies (since 1994 was so long ago). The band played "Buddy Holly" and "Undone - The Sweater Song," the hits off its self-titled debut ("The Blue Album"), in preparation for the upcoming "Memories Tour."

Video: Weezer Performs "Buddy Holly" on "Last Call With Carson Daly," Oct. 2010

While the song selection leaned toward classic Weezer, frontman Rivers Cuomo channeled a cocky on-stage swagger, which the shy rocker certainly did not exhibit back in '94. When performing, Cuomo seems more comfortable in his own skin than ever before.

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The performance sounded as fresh as ever, certainly exciting fans who will see Weezer perform its first two albums in their entirety on the upcoming "Memories Tour." Cuomo substituted the spoken dialogue throughout "Undone" with ridiculous banter about getting the high score on "Rock Band." I guess a lot has changed in 16 years.

Video: Weezer Performs "Undone" on "Last Call With Carson Daly," Oct. 2010

Still, the performance garnered more attention than if Weezer would have performed a song off its new album, "Hurley."

In related news, one man is offering Weezer $10 million to disband.