Ozzy Covers Lennon's 'How' for Birthday Celebrations

Ozzy Covers Lennon's 'How' for Birthday Celebrations

The John Lennon 70th birthday festivities continue this week with Ozzy Osbourne and Amnesty International joining the efforts. Today (Oct. 7) Amnesty International premiered the video for Osbourne's cover of Lennon's song, "How," from his classic 1971 album "Imagine."

Video: Ozzy Osbourne Covers John Lennon's "How"

Osbourne, rocking Lennon-inspired blue shades and black trench coat, wanders the streets of New York City holding a bouquet of purple flowers. City residents and tourists gawk as Osbourne stops in all the favorite locations, including Times Square and 34th Street. Those lucky enough to catch the rocker filming the video whipped out their cameras and cell phones to capture the moment.

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Finally, Osbourne makes it to Central Park. As more people gasp at his passing, Osbourne places his bouquet on the John Lennon Imagine Memorial, situated in Central Park West near Lennon's former home (and the location of his tragic shooting) at the Dakota Apartments.

Osbourne's recording of "How" is an extension of Amnesty International's 1997 John Lennon tribute album, "Instant Karma," but can be bought as a single on iTunes in celebration of Lennon's birthday on Saturday.

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