'Mad Men' Theme Song Gets a Touch Up
'Mad Men' Theme Song Gets a Touch Up

It's rare that we ever want to hear the theme song of our favorite shows tweaked, but in honor of the "Mad Men" season finale Sunday (Oct. 17) night, we're giving this new rendition a shot. Allison Williams, daughter of "ABC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams, impressed us with her take on RJD2's "A Beautiful Mine," which plays during the AMC show's opening credits.

Video: Allison Williams Remakes "Mad Men" Theme Song

While the original is instrumental, Williams' version adds lyrics from Nat King Cole's "Nature Boy." Williams' voice fits in beautifully over the RJD2's orchestral lines on the jazz-tempo song, and the lyrics match up surprisingly well. jazz tempo song. The video was shot in one take with a sweeping camera angle to show the backing band, and then focuses on Williams, who is front and center in a "Mad Men" era dress and elbow length white gloves.

We think it's safe to say that Don Draper would definitely give this his fickle stamp of approval.

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