Flaming Lips Frontman Prints Poster in His Own Blood
Flaming Lips Frontman Prints Poster in His Own Blood

Perhaps Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne was feeling inspired by Kiss' 1977 comic books, which supposedly mixed the members' blood in the ink, or maybe he's just a mad man. We're thinking it's a bit of both that compelled Coyne to screen print a Flaming Lips poster using his own blood as the ink.

Video: Wayne Coyne Prints Poster Using His Own Blood

In the clip, Coyne combines small viles of his own recently-drawn blood to create the poster's "ink." The first time around with the print, Coyne forgets to put paper underneath. He solves that problem quickly, but it seems there's barely enough blood to get a print of the band's 2010 Austin City Limits poster. Coyne, always an artist, drips excess blood onto the poster as a finishing touch.

"It smells weird," Coyne comments. What a treat for the lucky fan who gets the poster, which we can only hope the band will auction off.

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