Atomic Tom Plays Subway Concert Using Only iPhones
Atomic Tom Plays Subway Concert Using Only iPhones

Technology is a wonderful thing. Universal Republic's latest rock project Atomic Tom would probably agree with that sentiment after the band's instruments were stolen recently. In a stroke of genius, Atomic Tom members improvised with their iPhones.

Video: Atomic Tom Plays "Take Me Out" Using Only iPhones

The commuters on the NYC B line train were treated to an Atomic Tom concert when the fellas busted out their iPhone apps -- piano, guitars and drums all plugged into a speaker to perform their song "Take Me Out." The band showcased some really impressive finger tapping and didn't hold back any energy.

Prediction: This video will inspire thousands of iPhone bands to spawn. Apple honcho Steve Jobs will be hosting the National iPhone Jam competition before the end of next year, and we'll have Atomic Tom to thank for that. Job well done, gentlemen.

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