Willow Smith's 'Hair' Gets 'Sesame Street' Treatment
Willow Smith's 'Hair' Gets 'Sesame Street' Treatment

It wasn't that long ago that "Whip My Hair" sensation Willow Smith was probably watching "Sesame Street" herself, but now the 9 year old is getting the Muppet treatment.

Muppet-fied Willow switches among different hair styles - from a curly bob to dreadlocks and corn rows - while mouthing the words to her increasingly popular hair anthem. She even shows everyone how to "whip it real good" as she pantomimes the verses. The video shows even pre-schoolers can be confident and fierce, no matter what hair style they're rocking.

Video: "Whip My Hair" on "Sesame Street"

Willow's official video for "Whip My Hair" premieres tonight at 6pm on BET.

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