'Glee' Does 'Time Warp' for 'Rocky Horror' Episode

'Glee' Does 'Time Warp' for 'Rocky Horror' Episode

They started with Madonna. They did it again with Britney. Now they're taking on "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." That's right, the next episode of "Glee" will be a tribute to the 1970s cult classic film, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.

Video: Glee Does "Time Warp"

To get all the gleeks warmed up, a preview of the glee club's rendition of "Time Warp." The great thing about "Glee" ensemble songs is that all of the cast members get a chance to join in. Kurt (Chris Colfer) kicks off the number as Riff Raff before Artie (Kevin McHale) takes over as Dr. Scott, instructing the cast on how to do the steps.

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It looks like the glee club is gearing up for another epic episode, but gleeks will have to wait. "The Rocky Horror" episode of "Glee" airs next week, Oct. 26 at 8pm ET on Fox.

The music for the episode is available now on iTunes. And of course, the original "Rocky Horror" is always around to make the waiting easier.

Video: "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" Performs "Time Warp"