Kanye West Talks Taylor Swift on 'Ellen'

Kanye West Talks Taylor Swift on 'Ellen'

Sporting a new diamond grill on his bottom teeth, Kanye West appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday (Oct. 19) and opened up becoming the most infamous mic grabber in the history of the world, aka Taylorgate 2009.

Video: Kanye West Discusses Taylor Swift Incident at 2009 VMAs on "Ellen"

DeGeneres eased into the subject by asking West about laying low after press fiasco that followed the Swift incident. After heading to Japan, the rapper lived in Rome for a while before moving to Hawaii to work on his forthcoming album, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy."

'Ye explained that the break was the first time he had slowed down since his mother passed away last year. "I had never really tried to soak in what happened," he said. "It was time to just take a break and develop more as a person, as a creator."

West also told the talk show host that he was never expecting his whole world to crash down because of one moment of "sincerity, or alcohol" - to which DeGeneres jokingly replied, "Those two usually don't go together. The alcohol usually cancels the sincerity out."

The rapper explained that he was a "soldier of culture" and he couldn't stop himself from being convicted when great pieces of culture were being denied.

The negative experience convinced West that he should not attend award shows. DeGeneres warmly encouraged him to reconsider: "We want to see you there. You're too important."

We're with Ellen on this one. What's an award show without Kanye? He just needs his own microphone, that's all.