'Glee' Rocky Horror Tribute Tops Tuesday Ratings
'Glee' Rocky Horror Tribute Tops Tuesday Ratings

One of the most anticipated episodes of the "Glee" sophomore season, second only to the Britney Spears episode, "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" premiered last night (Oct. 26).

The glee club took on the 1970s cult-favorite musical to help Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) gain ground with his on and off again girlfriend, school guidance counselor Emma Pilsbury (Jayma Mays).

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After having a guy in lingerie on stage was deemed too risqué for a school production. Mercedes, played by Amber Riley, took over the duties as Dr. Frank-N-Furter to sing "Sweet Transvestite." Riley gave the usually gruff performance a sexy make-over, adding a huge splash of diva to the glee club production.

Video: Mercedes Performs "Sweet Transvestite" on "Glee"

The Schue temporarily finagles his way into the play by picking up the role of Rocky, and calls on Ms. Pillsbury to help him rehearse "Touch Me." She gives him quite a show when she breaks out of her prim cardigan and gets up close and personal with everyone's favorite curly-haired choir teacher. At this time we'd like to thank creator Ryan Murphy and Matthew Morrison for this "abulous" performance.

Video: Emma Sings "Touch Me" on "Glee"

Although the clip was let loose last week, "Time Warp" remained one of the most exciting performances of the entire episode. "Glee" ensemble songs always provide the biggest impact, and they picked the most recognized song from the cult classic to make-over.

Video: "Glee" Cast Performs Rocky Horror's "Time Warp"

With another theme episode out of the way, is it wrong to hope they take on Justin Timberlake next? The Spice Girls could be good, too.

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