Robyn Goes R-Rated for New 'Indestructible' Video
Robyn Goes R-Rated for New 'Indestructible' Video

Swedish pop star Robyn is pulling out all the sexy stops in the video for "Indestructible" that hit Myspace today, a full month before her last installment of the "Body Talk" album trilogy hits retailers.

Video: Robyn, "Indestructible"

Robyn's video starts off with two lovers going at it while the singer croons from another shot, wrapped in a mysterious outfit of water-filled tubes. (Dear Lady Gaga, it looks like you have an outfit rival on your heels, be warned.)

The girl in this indulgently affectionate couple appears to be quite popular, though. As the video goes on, she changes partners like they're underwear. With each change of sex buddy, the color in Robyn's water tubes changes and begins to flow more quickly. By the time our lead girl gets through every boy in the neighborhood -- and was that an all girl threesome in the middle? -- the color in Robyn's water tube suit has turned to a murky black.

Perhaps our heroine isn't as indestructible as she seems, as each change of lover makes her more vulnerable. We can't be entirely sure what Robyn was trying to say with this treatment, but we do know that this video is hot -- and intriguing.

What do you think? Is Robyn trying make a statement against open sexuality in the "Indestructible" video?