Random Celebs Sing "Let It Be" for Norwegian TV, Make Weirdest Video Ever
Random Celebs Sing "Let It Be" for Norwegian TV, Make Weirdest Video Ever

What happens when a bunch of where-are-they-now '80s singers, washed-up TV actors and random who-are-they-again celebrities unite to lip-sync a Beatles song for Norwegian television? You get one of the weirdest music videos to hit the Internet all year.

The 'We Are the World'-style performance of the Fab Four's "Let It Be" first seems like something from a "Saturday Night Live" sketch. But the 6-minute video -- featuring the likes of Huey Lewis, Judd Nelson, Daryl Hannah, Alfanso Ribeiero, David Faustino, Tonya Harding, Dolph Lundgren and surviving Milli Vanilli member Fab Morvan, to name a head-scratching few -- is actually a promo for Norwegian television show "Glyne Tider" (Golden Times).

What makes the video really bizarre is that the "stars" didn't re-record the Beatles classic themselves, nor did they mime the words over the 1970 original track. Instead, the CGI-assembled cast lip-syncs to a cover recorded by "Ferry Aid," a mostly British supergroup that formed in 1987 to raise money for victims of that year's ferry disaster in the English Channel. And trust us, nothing in this world is quite as trippy as hearing Boy George's voice come out of Ricki Lake's mouth.

It's a oddly compelling and humorously unsettling piece of footage you have to see to believe. At least we know that Right Said Fred is still alive and well.

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