Watch: Diddy Grinds With Robert DeNiro on 'SNL'

Watch: Diddy Grinds With Robert DeNiro on 'SNL'

While Diddy's latest project Diddy-Dirty Money tore it up on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend with performances of "Ass on the Floor" and "Coming Home," Mr. Combs' homerun was his sketch with Andy Samberg and host Robert DeNiro, who dresses in drag.

Video: Blizzard Man Sketch With Diddy, DeNiro, Samberg on "SNL"

In the sketch, Diddy hypes a hookmaster named Blizzard Man, whose talents supposedly rival those of Trey Songz and Bruno Mars. Turns out he's just a Vanilla Ice lookalike with comically bad rapping skills, played by Andy Samberg. But we know Samberg can drop a line like it's hot -- we've seen those "Shy Ronnie" digital shorts with Rihanna.

The true comedy doesn't kick in until Blizzard Man's mom, played by "SNL" host Robert DeNiro, enters the scene -- dressed in ghettotastic drag. Diddy wants to "tear that ass up" but restrains himself and just gets a little grind action with the film legend.

We're not saying Diddy's role as the overly enthusiastic producer is autobiographical, but hey, he plays it well. Personally, we dug his cranky label head character in "Get Him To The Greek" a little more.

As for the performance aspect, Swizz Beatz assisted on the subtly club-tastic "Ass on the Floor," while Diddy went all sentimental for "Coming Home." Classy touch with the orchestra on "Coming Home."

Video: Diddy-Dirty Money and Swizz Beatz Perform "Ass on the Floor" on "SNL"

Video: Diddy-Dirty Money Performs "Coming Home" on "SNL"