Have Yourself 'A Very Ke$ha Christmas'
Have Yourself 'A Very Ke$ha Christmas'

We're not denying Ke$ha is one of the easiest targets in the music industry, but parodies of the "We R Who We R" singer are getting a little out of control.

Top 20 Viral Videos of 2010

We named one of the first -- In the Key of Awesome's "TiK ToK" spoof -- as one of the best viral videos of 2010, and though we wouldn't say this one -- titled "A Very Ke$ha Christmas" -- matches the glittering mockery of that one, it's worth a view around the holidays.

Video: College Humor's "A Very Ke$ha Christmas" Parody

This one's a bit harsh, going beyond the gimme diss of "I puke glitter" with lines like, "Ho, ho, ho, goes e'erbody when I walk in." Shameless -- just like Ke$ha herself.

Ke$ha: A Q&A With the Hot 100 Artist of the Year

Truth be told, Ke$ha, who was Billboard's Hot 100 artist of the year (and the cover girl for our year-end issue), laughing all the way to the bank.