Ylvis Declare Love for Their Favorite State in 'Massachusetts': Watch

Following worldwide smash "The Fox" is no easy feat, but lightning could strike twice for Ylvis as the Norwegian comedy duo released "Massachusetts," its next video/single, earlier today (Oct. 22).

The song features the Norwegians coming to what they call their "favorite place on earth," the land of the Boston library, John F. Kennedy and... Nelson Mandela's house? "I can't believe this place is real!" they exclaim, and in many cases, they're right. (Warning: explicit lyrics in the video below.)

Their ode to the Bay State may have its inaccuracies -- would we expect anything different? -- but it does have a killer, uplifting hook, assisted by a backing vocal that's very church choir-esque, and features a number of references to actual locales within the state, including Attleboro and Haverhill.

Along the way, Ylvis admits that they cry when Mufasa dies in "The Lion King" (don't we all?), debate how to spell Massachusetts ("MASSOCHEICHEI!") and delve into some homoerotic tendencies. In fact, judging by the song, perhaps Ylvis' love for the state stems from Massachusetts being the first state to legalize same-sex marriage? You be the judge.

Is "Massachusetts" a formidable follow-up or are Ylvis mere one-trick foxes? Let us know in the comments!