Groom Surprises Bride With Elaborate Wedding Dance to Bieber's 'Baby': Watch

Groom Surprises Bride With Elaborate Wedding Dance to Bieber's 'Baby': Watch

There are plenty of ways to tell the woman you just joined in wedded bliss that she's the only one for you, that you will love her unconditionally 'til death do you part. You could pull the ol' heartstrings with a reading from First Corinthians, or perhaps a Shakespeare sonnet, or better yet grab a bunch of your bros, dust off your dancing shoes, and lip sync to Justin Bieber's "Baby" like there's no tomorrow.

With the chance to join the 72-million-YouTube-views ranks of Jill and Kevin's famous prance down the aisle to Chris Brown's "Forever," one newlywed husband, Brian, surprised his new wife, Emily, with an impressive dance routine to the Bieber megahit. So intense must Brian's love burn -- with the ferocity of a bazillion suns, I'd ventur e-- that he could faux-croon to his new wife, "I thought you'd always be mine."

Video, "Brian's Surprise Justin Bieber Wedding Dance for Emily"

There's plenty of giddy prancing about and some well worked-out moves, like Brian's suspendered crew yanking him every which way during the line "and you shake me till you wake me from this bad dream." You get some goofy white boy break dancing, a wig, and Brian leaping over one of his boys to the delight of everyone. It's plenty silly, and perhaps the only time Grandma's ever gonna hear a Ludacris verse.

The only person that doesn't seem to be enjoying himself is that adorably confused little kid off to the side 26 seconds in, who clearly just has not been afflicted with Bieber Fever. Yet.