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Adam Lambert's Dark Side Emerges In 'Better Than I Know Myself' Video

Adam Lambert's Dark Side Emerges In 'Better Than I Know Myself' Video

The only person who knows Adam Lambert better than he knows himself is -- well -- Adam Lambert.

In the "American Idol" runner-up's new video for "Better Than I Know Myself," there are two extreme sides to the performer's personality. Evil Adam, the glammed-up, liquor-chugging, dark version is on one side, while tea-drinking, meditating Adam is on the other. Watch below.

Video: Adam Lambert, "Better Than I Know Myself"

While Lambert's blue-eyed good side has 100 percent oxygen pumped into the room, the bad side douses the floor in alcohol and lights a match. As one side goes up in flames, the peaceful twin is taken down with his dangerous amber-eyed double, running out of oxygen and choking on smoke.

Dark Adam charges through the flames, kicks through the mirror, and somehow manages to save his other half, despite the fact that both are trapped in fiery prisons.

Video: 'American Idol's' Adam Lambert
Debuts New Look, Single On 'The Tonight Show'

Suddenly a normal version of Lambert -- a little bit glam, a little bit relaxed -- is walking down the street. As the camera pans in, we see that he is a balance of both sides, evidenced by his eyes: one amber, one bright blue.

"Better" is the first single to Lambert's sophomore album, "Trespassing," which is arriving this spring on RCA Records. Check out Billboard's review of the single here.