OK Go Turn Stunt Drivers in 'Needing/Getting' Video

OK Go Turn Stunt Drivers in 'Needing/Getting' Video

Someday, OK Go will release a music video that features the four-piece performing onstage, in front of an audience, without any obtuse gizmos or art installations. But today is not that day! The cinematic alt-rockers debuted another wildly elaborate clip, this time for the "Of The Blue Colour of the Sky" single "Needing/Getting," on Sunday (Feb. 5).

Teaming with Chevrolet for the video, OK Go is featured driving through a two-mile obstacle course in a car fashioned with retractable arms, which pound upon different instruments set up across the course. Chimes are thwacked, guitars are destroyed, and singer Damian Kulash keeps his composure behind the wheel.

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Filmed in a desert on the outskirts of Los Angeles over a four-day period, the video reportedly took four months of preparation and over 1,000 instruments to complete. Kulash also took stunt-driving lessons for the clip instead of using a stand-in.

Of course, "Needing/Getting" isn't the first high-concept music video from OK Go: the group enjoyed a creative renaissance in 2007 with the "Here It Goes Again" clip (aka "the treadmill video"). The band is also nominated for a Best Short Form Music Video Grammy this year for the "All Is Not Lost" clip, which paired the band with the abstract dance troupe Pilobolus.