Gorillaz Animation + Live Action = 'DoYaThing' Video: Watch
Gorillaz Animation + Live Action = 'DoYaThing' Video: Watch

The bonkers collaboration of Gorillaz leader Damon Albarn, OutKast rapper Andre 3000 and LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy -- titled "DoYaThing" -- now has an equally bonkers video. Complete with the signature Gorillaz animation by the band's co-creator Jamie Hewlett, the "DoYaThing" clip impressively melds the cartoon world with live-action footage inside one disgusting crib. Watch below.

The one-off collaboration of "DoYaThing" represents the latest entry in Converse's "3 Artists. 1 Song" campaign, as unveiled as a free download on Converse's official site on Feb. 23. The show co. also released a Gorillaz footwear collection designed by Hewlett, who directed the above clip.

"We didn't exchange any ideas at all [beforehand]," James Murphy recalled to Billboard earlier this month. "Damon was basically saying, 'Let's just get in a room,' which, even if it wasn't Damon Albarn, is a pretty convincing argument, really. To be honest, I was worried that I should prepare something, but went with it anyway."

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