Tenacious D Train With Dave Grohl, Kill Val Kilmer in 'To Be the Best'
Tenacious D Train With Dave Grohl, Kill Val Kilmer in 'To Be the Best'

They've already written the greatest song in the world (no, wait... that was just a tribute), but theatrical folk-metal rockers Tenacious D have been resurrected with a new video for "To Be The Best," a parody of typical 1980's movie "training" montages.

Filled with their signature hyperbolic humor and laden with witty self-deprecation, "To Be The Best" begins with a light-hearted mock episode of "Extra" exposing the fates of the "fallen" popular group.

Sadly, Kyle Gass has descended into dementia under the pressures of fame and critical failures while Jack Black lives the glamourous Hollywood high life. But after Kyle barges into Jack's mansion and attempts to murder him (foiled by Val Kilmer, who sacrifices his life to save Jack), the D decides to reunite stronger than ever.

When they return with new music, it's miserable, so they enter a montage sequence soundtracked by themselves to get their skills back up. By the clip's end, Jack and Kyle emerge triumphant with "the greatest album ever recorded by anyone. Ever."

Tenacious D Announces New Album, 'Rize of the Fenix'

"To Be The Best" is the first single off the band's upcoming third album, "Rize of the Fenix," which drops on May 15 via Epic.

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