Demi Lovato's A Photo Wiz in 'Give Your Heart' Video

Demi Lovato's A Photo Wiz in 'Give Your Heart' Video

There are several ways to win back an ex-boyfriend -- tickets to a ball game, perhaps, or a heartfelt expression of honest emotion -- but one of the lesser-known reminders of feeling is an elaborate photo collage. This is the path Demi Lovato chooses in her "Give Your Heart A Break" video, in which she gazes at pictures of an ex-flame and decides to put said photos to good use.

"On Sunday, you went home/Alone, there were tears in your eyes," Lovato sings while wearing a sleek black jacket and walking on a deserted sidewalk. The former Disney star reflects on her past romance and gathers as many photos of her hunky dude as possible, eventually pasting them into an inventive collage outside his apartment. The memories linger as the photo artist walks away and shoots a quick smile to the camera.

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The music video for "Give Your Heart A Break" premiered on Monday (April 2) after multiple teaser videos were released online last week. The track is the second single off of Lovato's third album, "Unbroken"; the first single, "Skyscraper," became the 19-year-old's first Top 10 single on the Hot 100 last July.

Lovato is set to kick off a tour of South America in Panama on April 13.