Tom Morello, Das Racist Perform at May Day Occupy Wall Street: Watch

Tom Morello, Das Racist Perform at May Day Occupy Wall Street: Watch

Grammy Award-winning guitarist Tom Morello made a special appearance at yesterday's May Day Occupy Wall Street in New York City's Bryant Park. Singing along with a large crowd of protestors, Morello performed an acoustic version of Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land."

"As I was walking, I saw a sign, and that sign said no trespassing. On the other side, it didn't say nothing. That sign was made for you and me," sang Morello in the encore to his October 2011 performance of the same song at another OWS protest. Finishing off by joining and leading the moving crowd toward Union Square, Morello shouted "Let's march and sing!"

Known for his work with Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, Tom Morello is also the co-founder of Axis of Justice, a non-profit organization that focuses on political activism. The radio network hosts a weekly program that aims to "bring together musicians, fans of music, and grassroots political organizations to fight for social justice."

Also in attendance were alternative Hip-Hop group Das Racist, who took the stage to perform "Michael Jackson" and "Rainbow in the Dark." Electronic artist and composer Dan Deacon was also there, trying to organize the crowd into what he called a "Michael Jackson 'Thriller'-style dance-off." It wasn't exactly successful, but as you can see in the video below, the crowd at least managed to jump up and down in time with the music.

Das Racist
Dan Deacon